Mamarazzi turned… not sure.

Lately I’ve been going 8 million miles an hour. Need to write Need to cook Need to bake Need to take pictures… No wait, THAT one I’ve totally got in the bag. After going to ClickAway and meeting my amazing new friends, I’ve been inspired. I’ve been dragging my poor children hither and yon (seriously, who […]

Fall Rites of Passage

Today was the first day that the weather actually indicated the advent of fall. It was cold, grey, drizzly and awesome. We did not get any measurable rain (BOO) but it was nice to dream right? We may get some later this week which would be amazing since you know, severe drought and all. The […]

How a Girl is Different Than a Boy

Like, no shit, right? But I guess I didn’t expect things to be SO different. The Big Kid was crazy in his own right, but more measured, more calm, more reasonable. He had a strong sense of self-preservation, rarely got into things, and just while he was ALL boy, just didn’t feel the need to […]

Fuel Up to Play 60 | Are YOU Fueled Up?

My kids obsession with sports and moving has been brought to you by the California Milk Advisory Board… and it’s a good thing, because we drink a LOT of milk.  This kid is a mover. A shaker. A crazy, non stop, on the go kind of guy.   His sister is the much the same, always […]

Birthdays, Disneyland and Sick Days

So no, no one was actually “sick”. It was just my first experience in pulling my child out of school for vacation and making him truant. Naughty mommy. So the past few weeks have just been nuts. Between Disneyland, birthday parties, soccer games, not having a husband home for almost 2 weeks, and just the […]

I Present … a Five Year Old

The whole post is to come… but for now, I present to you, My Five Year Old.   I’m dying a little inside at how grown up he is. Sigh.  

How to Make New Friends | ClickAway 14

I’m not a newbie to conferences. I’ve been to my fair share of BlogHers, Bloggy Bootcamps, and various blogging/social media gatherings. My first BlogHer I even rolled in solo, and came out with some of the most amazing online friends. These friends introduced me to the internet, to how it could be to have a […]

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins | Good Enough to Eat

The Big Kid’s birthday is coming up next week (don’t ask, I can’t talk about it) and since we are allowed to make our own baked goods to bring for birthday celebrations I wanted to do something a little better than the average cupcake. I will be totally honest… I live next door to the […]

Pumpkin Spice Crockpot Oatmeal

It’s FALL! Ok well Fall doesn’t “officially” start till next week and it’s going to be like 80 here…  but the Pumpkin Spice Latte has shown up at Starbucks, so that’s a good indications that we’re getting close. In fact, all things pumpkin and spice have been popping up; Pumpkin Spice Candles, Pumpkin Spice Lotion, Pumpkin […]