It’s a Disney Celebration!

Tracking PixelThis Disney celebration was brought to you by Disney On Ice presents Let’s Celebrate! Because case you hadn’t heard, we have a few Disney fans around these parts…

Disney has played a HUGE part in all of our lives. Heck it was even the place that the Husband and I had our first date!

Disney for us means fun times, magical moments, and eyes-wide-open with delight. Disney means celebration!

But with ALL of this Disney in our lives, all of these magical moments, we have never been to see Disney On Ice. SHOCKING because the thought of taking the kids to an ice arena, with the lights and the songs and OMG-MICKEY-MOUSE-ON-ICE-SKATES is awesome!

But guess what’s coming to the Bay Area?

Disney On Ice is coming to Oakland and San Jose!!

Different than other Disney On Ice shows that have come our way in the past, Let’s Celebrate has over 50 of my kiddos’ favorite characters and we are going to get our PARTY on celebrating festivals and holidays from around the world. All of this is going to be set to their favorite Disney songs and I’mjustsoexcitedIcan’tstandit the kids are freaking out. I mean FREAKING out.


Who wouldn’t freak out with this show? A Birthday Party with the Mad Hatter, China for Chinese New Year, and a Luau with Lilo and Stitch all sound pretty fun and amazing to me!

But beyond the awesomeness that this show proves to be, I have even more great news. I have a smoking deal for you guys. SMOKIN’.

How does 40% off sound?

It’s a smoking way to save money on such an incredible and amazing show and just by using the code MOM3 you can save %40 on the cost of a 10:30am Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday show, or %20 off of any other show!

The show is coming to SAP Center at San Jose Feb. 18-22, 2015 and Oracle Arena in Oakland Feb. 25-Mar. 1, 2015.

Grab tickets, grab your kids and get ready to celebrate!

Winter Disney On Ice

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Disney On Ice presents Let’s Celebrate.**

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