Summer is NOT Over Yet

So my son informed me a few days ago that there were about 5 weeks until school starts. I mean, I know that he’s super excited to start Kindergarten, but SERIOUSLY kid? Way to be Debbie Downer.

I was really really nervous about what we were going to do this summer. I felt so lucky to have the Big Kid going to preschool three days a week, to have that break when the husband left for days at a time on business, to have a chance to regroup and get my own work done and get the house clean and laundry done and, I don’t know, take a nap or something. (But then again, with the Peanut, who am I kidding??)

But WHAT the hell were we going to DO with ourselves for three months?

I envisioned getting to the end of the day, fried and over it, turning into nasty crazy mom. I pictured days on end of “I’m BOOOOOOORED” and me gritting my teeth to find things for him and the Peanut to do.

It’s been amazing.


There’s been trips to the zoo, the SD County fair, swim lessons for both the Big Kid AND the Peanut (that was a phenomenal waste of money), trips to SD to see BonBon and PopPop, Tahoe with the family for the 4th, and so many fun fun days in between. It’s flown but as I look back to how long it’s actually been, I realize that it’s only been about 7 weeks.


The summer is just a little over halfway finished. Which means there are 5 weeks of summer left!!! And I’ll be damned if I’m not going to enjoy it. Because there is a LOT left to do, and it’s not over yet.


There’s BlogHer, trips to DC, more swim lessons, more swimming at the club, more playdates with friends, more trips to the beach, more bike rides with the family… just more. And I’m starting to panic a little bit that school is right around the corner, that “real school” is starting and the our carefree travel lifestyle is ending…

So it’s time to get our SUMMER FUN on!

And to keep you in the summer mood??? How about a little ice cream????

I am partnering up with some amazing bloggers to give you guys not ONE, but TWO, Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2 Quart Ice Cream Makers… one for you, and one for a friend.

Keep on celebrating summer, with ice cream and sprinklers and pools and all of the fun and crazy stuff that makes this time of year amazing.

Because it’s not over yet!



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