Holiday Horror Story

Did everyone have a good holiday? Still in food coma? Yeah, me too. But obviously while we were all stuffing our faces, there were some big changes happening over here at It’s Fitting. Hopefully you all love it!


So, anyone have any drama this year during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… ever?? I mean, most holidays are gatherings of family and friends… celebrating the ties that bind (and gag) you together. You spend hours and sometimes days enjoying each others company, not to mention a fabulous meal, generally put on by one slightly harried individual. And hopefully everything goes off without a hitch.

But have you ever had that blissful event go ALL wrong? Have you ever had a burned turkey? Or a frozen one?

Has Uncle Joe ever gotten a little over served? Have there ever been fights or drama?

Most people have had a little chaos in their holidays, and some have even been HORRORS.

Interested in sharing??? If you are, grab the #HolidayHorrors Button and link up! I’d love to hear all of your horrific stories of holiday madness and family fun! It could be about Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah or whatever holiday past or present that has made you want to crawl into a hole…

It will be awesome! And remind me to tell you about the time my cousin bleached the turkey…



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