Looky Looky – I’m Crafty!

So a few months ago… ok let’s be honest, LAST year after Christmas… I made the promise to myself that I was going to make the Kidlet a stocking. Our stockings were old and I think he was using a hand me down from me, when I was little. Cute, but I wanted his stocking to be special… and just for him.

But the months went by and my sewing machine started gathering dust in the closet, due to a lack of time, too much traveling (is there really TOO much?) and just general lack of inspiration.

Cut to a few weeks ago when that promise came back to hit me full in the face. Oh SH** did we just have THANKSGIVING? Does that mean Christmas is right around the corner? And because I procrastinated I now have to make a stocking AND prep for my family to arrive for the holidays?!?!?!? ::faints::

So I searched and found an AMAZING tutorial for a stocking… one that was cute, but simple, and even my limited sewing skills could probably handle.

Then came the fabric. One of my amazing sewing friends, Sew Girly, has always tried to explain the importance of good fabric. She even went so far as to get me a gift certificate to a beautiful fabric store that has the most WONDERFUL designer fabric. So to the Quilted Angel we went…

And I found this for the Kidlet. Adorable right??

And because I was feeling oh so inspired and couldn’t help myself, I picked out these for the hubby and me.

I hadn’t planned on making three stockings, but I figured, how hard could it be?

**Word to the wise if you want to make a stocking like this, do NOT cheap out on the batting. Warm and Natural or Warm and White are the ONLY way to go. Trust me, I had to rip the WHOLE thing apart and start again because my batting sucked ass**

But in truth, even with my snafu with the batting, it wasn’t that hard. And came together really quickly!

After I figured out what I was doing with the one, the other two came easily. So after months and months of procrastinating, I am proud to present…

Our Family Stockings!



  1. says

    They look great! I think I'll use the same tutorial. I LOVE Fabricworm. They have such great fabrics and tutorials. I also may steal your idea of hanging them off the banister since we don't really have a mantle (sob).

  2. Wendy says

    So I don't even know what batting is. And that makes me completely inept to make a stocking.
    But these are adorable. I love the vintage look of D's stocking!!

  3. ItsaFitting says

    Thanks! If you asked my mother or my husband if I could sew a few years ago, neither of them would have said I could do it. So it's definitely a learned skill. You could totally do it!

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