Reverb 11 – Day 1

I’m joining up on a project called Reverb 11. It’s a 31 day long writing project, hosted by The Mod Chik. I will make a valiant, if not delusional, effort to answer every one of her prompts for the next 31 days.

Wish me luck!!


Day 1: Describe 2011 in one word.


I rang in the new year in my new house, having only lived there for 6 months, with my newly-turned one year old and my parents. The husband was working as usual.

2010 had been the real year of change, what with a move, 500 miles from what I knew and loved, but as anyone with a child knows, change happens everyday. It’s mind boggling how you can wake up one morning with a walking, talking miniature human being in your midst.The kidlet went from being a mostly potted plant to a running, yelling, football-playing, baseball-throwing BOY… in every sense of the word.

I changed my lifestyle by deciding to become a farmer. Made the committment to some new pets and to a lifestyle that a lot of my friends think is pretty weird… or awesome, depending who’s on the receiving end.

I made a commitment to my blog. I went to BlogHer and was amazed and astounded by the people and the experience. I could do this. I could be a writer, a mom, an observer of the world around me… and I could comment on it for the amusement, or annoyance of my family, friends and anyone else who wanted to come along for the ride. I changed my view of what my blog had been and made the commitment to make it something else. What that something else is? Eh, that’s still kind of up for debate.

So many things changed last year… marriages, babies, the color of our our house, family economics and family dynamics. Through it all though, was a constant. My amazing, wonderful husband and my amazing wonderful kid… I may want to kill them sometimes, but my love for them is one thing that will never change.



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