Reverb 11 – Day 3

What projects did you start in 2011?


Haahahahahahahaha -have you SEEN my house? What projects didn’t I start? Or what projects didn’t my husband start for me?

So back in January of 2011, I posted this… A laundry list of things I needed to do to our house, projects that were going to drive me freaking BATTY if I didn’t accomplish. And honestly? I didn’t fare too badly. The house got painted, and even if it wasn’t %100 by me, it still got done. After a few different color issues with the guest bedroom, I left the blood-red master bedroom and bath to the pros. I had run out of steam. And honestly, that didn’t even get finished until July… so it’s not like the project went quickly. I had 7 long months to stare angrily at the bordello red bathroom.

I learned how to sew. And by learned I mean I bought a sewing machine, bought a ton of fabric and then stared at the machine for a while… I was afraid. Very afraid. Mostly of screwing up the expensive, awesome chicken fabric I had purchased. But in the end, I can say I sewed something adorable and continue to sew. Well, in my free time anyway… (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA like I have any of THAT). I am however trying to sew Drew a Christmas Stocking before you know, I actually have to fill it with presents. Fingers crossed.

I planted a wildly un-sucessful vegetable garden this year. I don’t know what happened but nothing really thrived at all, even with all of the worm juice (ew) I was dumping on it. I do think that in my push to plant and gather a bountiful harvest, I may have over-planted a little bit. Hopefully I’ll have more space next year so I don’t choke everything out.

Um, hello, CHICKENS? The husband took on Project Chicken Coop and then I took on Project Chickens – Keep Them Alive. So far so good and we are getting 28 eggs a week. Anybody want any?

Pictures. My goal was to take more and my child can attest to the fact that I take a TON. And hopefully will be getting photoshop soon so I can take more and have them look fabulous. Toes crossed.

So yeah, lots of projects this year. Lots of things to do, worry about, stress over and enjoy immensely.

I love a good project. Just ask my husband.


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