Reverb Day 6

What was the most difficult time of 2011?


It was only supposed to be a routine hernia surgery… then all of a sudden it was chaos. Open heart surgery. The replacement of two valves. Congenital heart defect?!!?

I wrote a lot about it. And then some more.

He ended up with a nasty infection. A drainage pump that he had to carry around with him. He looked skinny and sick and I was scared. Scared by the realization that my parents were getting old. Scared that as an only child, losing my parents would mean losing most of the family that I have. Scared that Drew wasn’t going to get the time to spend with his PopPop that he needed… that time that every kid needs with their grandparents… that time for the older generation to impart some of the wisdom that they have gathered throughout the years, onto the youngest generation that will need to know.

I was scared.

But he sailed through it all with the usual good humor, making jokes about having to carry a purse around with his drain pump, talking about how his new heart better make him a scratch golfer. And he survived.

I look at him a little differently though. I know now that time is marching on. That my parents are indeed getting older and that one day, they will be gone. It makes me sad, but also makes me cherish every day, every minute that I get to spend with them. That Drew gets to spend with them.

After all, who else is he going to learn golf from?




  1. Rory, Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care says

    OMG, this totally made me cry! my grandfather just had a grand mal seizure and (living on a gold course) my daughter is freaking out that he won't be around to teach her golf! :'-( so glad that everything turned out okay. we're still praying over here…..

  2. Rory, Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care says

    i should point out that i have no father, so my grandfather is the closest thing to that in my life…. :-)

  3. ItsaFitting says

    It's so hard. Hope that things turn out well with your grandfather… It's just such a tough realization to have to make… getting older sucks.

  4. ItsaFitting says

    Thanks Laura – Yeah, it was rough and has already been a rough couple of years with his health as it is. Ugh. Getting older SUCKS sometimes.

  5. Mrs. Distracted says

    That is a great post – so much insight! love it –
    and, I'm an only child too – and (Rory) I don't have a father.
    Weird what you learn on blog posts! ha!

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