Why Women Need Fat – BlogHer Book Review

Hold onto your skillets and bust out your inner Paula Deen, it’s ok to eat butter!!!

So when I heard that I would have an opportunity to read and review a book called Why Women Need Fat, I jumped at the opportunity. After all, as a person who spent years dieting, I now believe that you should eat whatever you want, within moderation, as long as it’s as minimally processed as possible. This book did not disappoint in supporting my own personal food philosophy and it also gave me insight into the common misconception of what “fat” is and how gaining weight is actually a normal part of our aging process as women. (Don’t hate me for saying it out loud)

Did you know that women are genetically predisposed to gain weight as they get older? Did you know that almost all females around the world gain weight after the birth of their first child in order to ensure that their second child is healthier? However, according to Drs. Lessek and Gaulin’s book, while it may be normal to gain weight, it’s the American women that are too big to start with, thanks to the excessive amounts of processed foods that we eat. Around the world, women eat animal fats, meats and dairy, with substantially lower weights than the epidemically obese Americans.

What are we doing wrong???

As someone who already follows (for the most part) this well-rounded philosophy on eating, I thought this book really validated my beliefs. And for those people who have spent a lifetime on fad diets, avoiding “fattening” foods like butter, dairy and eggs, I think it’s worth the read. You CAN eat butter. You CAN eat eggs! They are actually really GOOD for you!!I especially liked the guide in the back that helps you determine what your “natural” “set point” weight is, so that you can get to where your body thinks it should be… not where YOU think it should be.

Interesting concept, right?

Are you interested in hearing more about this topic and what other women have to say about this book? Check out the discussion at the BlogHer Book Club discussion on Why Women Need Fat,  by William D Lassek M.D and Steven J.C. Gaulin Ph.D.

In the efforts of full disclosure, I was provided this book free of charge and was paid for my review, however all of the opinions offered in this review are my own.


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