Project 366 : Week 18

Still dying over here… but managed to take some pictures. Hopefully I can move myself into a plastic bubble sometime soon, or find a drug that actually works, so I can rejoin the land of the living. I miss you all.

I look terrible and as usual she looks fabulous. I sent home my bestie today and it made me sad. But so happy that she could come up and spend some butter and egg days with us! Drew adores her. Me too.

This is no way to live. Especially when none of it really works. Except for the nose strips. I love those with big puffy hearts and rainbows.

We found a more productive way to celebrate May Day than the people who tried to burn down/trash Oakland. How about a little bike riding people? Does the soul good.

It was adventure day today! We drove down to the city, saw the Exploratorium and had lunch on the wall at Crissy Field. Perfection!

I can say with some certainty that I have managed to keep SOMETHING alive in the garden. Actually, a LOT of things alive, but more on that later. Anyone up for some Fava Beans? And perhaps a nice Chianti??

I really am the luckiest girl. The husband’s uncle is considered one of the top blues/jazz harmonica players in the world, and he just HAPPENED to be playing a gig up at Robert Sinskey Winery. They provided amazing wine (of course) and beautiful southern food to accompany the blue grass/folk music under the stars. It was unreal. Check them out if you ever get the chance… Sessions Americana.

And though my week was already pretty damn good, we celebrated our Cinco de Mayo with a new car! Ours were limping along, so it was time to trade in a few of them and get a new one. Talk about rainbows and unicorns… I LOVE THIS THING. Toyota Highlander… I heart you.


  1. says

    i must say your wine/gig photo is just lovely — i now need to remember that camera angle the next time i have a glass of wine!!! :) and enjoy your new ride — what a happy cinco de mayo for you all! :)

  2. bebehblog says

    Ooooooo shiny new car!! And that shot of the wine is making me super thirsty – and very very jealous.

  3. ItsaFitting says

    Thanks!! It helps when it's just the most gorgeous color and the weather is perfect :-)

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