18 Weeks Pregnant – 50/50 Chance or The Great Gender Reveal

18 Weeks Pregnant ! And it’s official, the bump has, well, exploded. I’m still on the (very) low end of the weight gain scale but I expect that to end any day now, as I eat at an alarming rate. Seriously, if it’s not nailed down? It’s not safe.

Not long after my doctors appt on Friday, I started feeling Baby F kick, which is always amusing. Little butterfly tickles at first and every once in a while a resounding *thump* to an internal organ. Hooray! Feeling the baby kick for the first time is always fun, especially when you’re still wondering if it’s spud, or just merely more pregnancy gas.

I’m am DIGGIN’ my maternity clothes now… especially after snagging a pair of killer white jeans at Target on sale and some great shirts, I’m feeling great. I have a bump and I am out of the “fat girl ate too many cheeseburgers” phase. It’s SO important to find clothes that fit and are flattering when you’re pregnant. I mean, there really isn’t anything worse than getting bigger and bigger, with nothing to wear that makes you feel remotely good about yourself. You have 9 months of this ladies, spring for some clothes that will fit you correctly. And I’m honestly kind of excited for fall, because SWEATERS! JEANS! BOOTS! so I’ll just make sure to snag some great pieces from Ebay, the Gap or Target. I’m not going to spend a fortune, but I am going to try to get SOME clothes to wear…

So yeah, I guess that’s it. Nothing too wild and crazy happening around these parts. Talk to you all later…

Oh wait…  did I forget to mention that we had our gender ultrasound on Monday?

I did? Oh silly me.

What do YOU think it is???




Yup – we are having a girl!!! We’re so excited to get one of each and Drew is very excited for a little sister… I fully expect him to fulfill his role as big brother and beat the sh** out of her boyfriends in high school. I also expect that I will have a mini-me, so high school should be a dramatic and terrifying experience for all of us. I’ll start drinking now.

So yes, now it’s time to purge the boy clothes and start thinking about decorating a new room and clothing a little girl.

Holy crap, what am I getting myself into??


If you have any inspirational ideas for little girl rooms, let me know! I’ll be scouring Pinterest for ideas and can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


  1. says

    Baby girls are SO much fun! Pottery Barn Kids has the BEST sheets, and crib bumpers are generally a waste of money anyways! I really regret buying ours. I'd go with cute sheets and accessories!

  2. ItsaFitting says

    Thanks for the TIP! I did a crib bumper the first time around… but kept having to put it on and take it off depending on the age of the kiddo… it was a pain in the butt :-)

  3. says

    congratulations!! a girl after a boy is PERFECT… in my opinion, because that's what we have and i love it! don't purge his clothes yet — abby looks so adorable in jack's old jeans, his flame converse sneakers & plenty of play clothes since abby is in the dirt pile or searching for worms right along Jack! enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! :)

    … and you look DARLING!!!!

  4. ItsaFitting says

    Thanks!! I'm excited about all the fun clothes and girlie stuff… although this kid will be a sporty spice, like me :-)

  5. Ashley L says

    So excited for you!! Little girls are so much fun! I second the PBK recommendation. They have so many cute patterns. We got Charlotte's bedding there.

  6. Sarah says

    Yay! Definitely keep the boy clothes (or at least the good ones). Babies don't care, and it's way more socially acceptable for girls to wear boy clothes than vice versa, anyway. We've just got a girl at this point, but friends with two boys gave us some great hand-me-downs, so she wears those interchangeably with her cute little pink dresses. :)

    (And you look fabulous, by the way – great pictures!)

  7. ItsaFitting says

    Thanks! I'm excited… and going to try and make her room adorable on a budget… :-) I need some crafty friends.

  8. ItsaFitting says

    Thanks Sarah! I'll keep some of the play clothes for her, but we had a lot of VERY boy clothes… like sweater vests and MANLY tshirts… I might let her have a little girly :-)

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