Wordless Wednesday : Adventure Day at the Aquarium of the Bay

Having house guests is always an impetus to get our butts out of our house and to experience all that the Bay Area has to offer. If you get the chance to go, the Aquarium of the Bay is amazing, not super expensive and not too overwhelming or large for little ones.

I mean… who doesn’t love jellyfish?


    • Ashley @ It's Fitting says

      So amazing of you to stop by last week! Sorry for the delayed response, my comment moderation went wonky! Looking forward to seeing you around these parts!

    • Ashley @ It's Fitting says

      Thanks so much for stopping by and for your support on my SITS day! Sorry for the delay, but I just found out that none of my comments ever got sent out to everyone. So I scrapped my comment moderator and wanted to go back and let you know how much I appreciate you for commenting! See you around these parts!

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