Mother of the Year, I am Not

Seriously, is there a mom out there who didn’t think when they first got pregnant that they would be some crazy wonderful mother of the year all the time? I thought that staying at home meant I would have time to clean, sew, cook and nurture the little creature that my husband and I had created.

Yeah… so… I was an idiot. A well intentioned idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. Let’s just say that after 3 years of life, my child is alive, well fed and um… alive.

All kidding aside, everyone thinks they can do it all. It’s human nature to want to be and do the best. And while I joke about how my household is just barely hanging in there, I have to say, while it may not be the tidiest place in the world, I’m pretty proud of the choices that we have made as a family and the priorities that we set for ourselves.

We make daily activity a priority. With obesity rates skyrocketing, we know how important it is to get out there and GET MOVING! I try to go to the gym at least 3 days a week, which means the kiddo gets at least 3 days of running his butt off at Playcare. Or what about some baseball in the backyard? As long as it’s sunny and not raining ’round these parts, I suppose I should take advantage of it, right? Because in a few months, I’ll be ready to kill myself and my preschooler from cabin fever.

We make food a priority. This one was a big one for us when we moved up here to our little Green Acres. Good food is paramount. We know where our meat comes from, we grow our own veggies and we have chickens in our backyard. A tad extreme for the average housewife but when in Rome, ya know? The “food thing”, as my husband has taken to calling it, really has made a huge difference in our lives though. The kiddo loves to pick and eat his veggies out of the garden. He loves to go to the farm to see the cows and pigs and chickens and isn’t really fazed when I explain to him where our food is coming from. He LOVES our chickens, helps me gather eggs and feed them and was just as devastated as I was when that stupid raccoon ate one of them.

Add to these choices the fact that I still have to leave the house to run errands, get groceries, get the kid to school and swim classes… oh and create life, since I’m 28 weeks pregnant. All this certainly is a full time job and takes up most of the time I would use for doing anything else remotely domestic, like say laundry or housework. But even in the midst of all this chaos I find a few minutes a day to do things that are strictly my own. Like say, kick back on the hammock with a glass of Hansen’s Natural Soda?

Hansen’s fits into our food  priorities with the fact that there is NO high fructose corn syrup and it tastes really really great. Obviously it’s got sugar cane in it, but we use it as a delicious treat on a hot day or as a great way to make an ice cream float! Everything in moderation, right? And with all of the fantastic flavors, I get to choose whatever mood I’m in that day. Fruity Raspberry? Tangy Key Lime? Delicious Creamy Root Beer? I love them all!

And hey, I think that just by making an effort to be good at everything, we’re totally winning, right? So bring on the mother of the year award, cuz we ALL deserve it.


If you wanted a Hansen’s Natural Soda break from your day, what flavor would YOU choose?

Tell me below in the comments which flavors YOU love and be immediately entered to win a Hansen’s Prize Pack with your favorite flavor!


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Disclosure: I wrote this piece as part of the Hansen’s Summer Fling Campaign and was compensated for my review. As usual, all opinions are my own.


  1. Suzy B says

    Definitely the Raspberry :) What happened to the pictures of your Hansen’s male model from the shoot in Tahoe? Think you should post those!!

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