Not So Wordless Wednesday : Apple Picking

You all know how this is my absolute FAVORITE time of year.

Despite the fact that it was about 100 freakin’ degrees here the past few days (omgsuckstobe29weekspregnant) we managed to sneak out over the weekend and do one of my favorite fall activities.


One would think that being in apple country it would be SO easy to find a place to pick your own apples. I mean, I can take a walk around here and pretty much pluck them off the neighbors trees. But a place that will hand you a basket and let you pick to your hearts content without calling the cops? Surprisingly difficult to find.

After a long search I was able to find a place that was relatively close and wasn’t going to make us join their CSA for the privilege of picking their apples (??!?!). Thank you Twin Hill Ranch for not completely sucking like every other place we looked at, for having delicious apples and even BETTER apple bread in the general store. Although damn you for not giving me the recipe.

The place was amazing and the kidlet was PUMPED to go apple picking. The husband came along for the ride, as did my mother in law, so it made for a gorgeous fall family excursion.

The only problem was once we got there… the kidlet seemed more interested in eating all of the apples that we picked instead of actually putting them in the basket.

Ah well. That’s what you have a husband for.

He picks, I take pictures and the kid eats.

And eats.

And eats.

And a few gang signs thrown in for good measure. Ummm, west side?

Now what to do with the 30 pounds of apples that we came home with??? How about some of my AMAZING applesauce for starters???


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