The Trend Tribe Takes Vegas :: Part Two

Since all good stories must come to an end, so too must the story of The Trend Tribe’s escapades in Vegas. (I especially need to finish it up because the details are starting to get a little hazy. I blame pregnancy and old age… oh and my preschooler for sucking the brains out of me.)

After our excursion the night before, complete with our 50 Shades of Gray moments, I didn’t know HOW the second night could begin to compare… oh HAHA silly me. Post conference, I changed out of my fabulous Isabella Oliver outfit and into the DRESS. (You’ve seen a gazillion pictures of it by now and are probably sick of it… but I’M NOT!) Obviously once I had shoes and earrings in place I was ready to ROCK THAT TOWN… Hard.

So we started at Comme Ca, which was one of my favorite restaurants of the whole weekend. It’s an upscale French bistro in the Cosmopolitan Hotel that has quite possibly the BEST view on the entire strip and you can dine outside! Amazing when the weather is like what we had, low 70’s… during a typical Vegas day? Eh. View aside, the decor at Comme Ca is too cool, an homage to a French bistro with chalk drawings on the wall and current menus chalked by hand. But the standout? The food! As a truly adventurous eater, I was unfazed by the braised beef tongue, the WHOLE octopus and the gorgeous charcuterie plate that were presented, but was also delighted by the more traditional fare they served. The cocktail list was really impressive as was the wine list. Seriously, check it out.

After Comme Ca, we left the Cosmopolitan, crammed ourselves into taxis and hit the MGM Grand, final destination set as, Michael Mina’s Nob Hill. There we tasted their Happy Hour menu and when I say tasted? I mean decimated. Plate after plate of duck fat fries,  drunken goat cheese salad, oysters (!!), bangers and mash (!!!) and other assorted nibbles hit our table and were devoured. The drinks were strong (so I was told), the food was divine (which I opined for myself) and this old school chick was delighted by the appearance of this…

Talk about taking the snooty out of the fancy restaurant!! My kind of place.

After feasting, we headed to Rouge Bar to watch old school professional rockers (Kip Winger??) rock out with amateur and (very) young “campers”, courtesy of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. It was totally and completely insane, not to mention all KINDS of awesome.

By the end of the night, my dogs were barking (may have been the 5 inch heels) and I was ready for bed, but it was not to be. Not yet anyway. We headed up to the Aria Sky Suites, which could have been more aptly named as the Swag Suite. We arrive to find presents galore in the shape of Ethel M. Chocolates, Henri Bendel body butter and perfume, an amazing selection of Demeter Perfume products, incredible pj’s from the Marigot Collection, a fabulous Vera Bradley bag, Yardley soap, Kaplan MD lip gloss and lip treamtent, and Tea Tree products from The Body Shop. This was in addition to the awesome bag that CUSP by Neiman Marcus gave us, with a super cool onyx cocktail ring, Oribe shampoo/conditioner, Aerin Rose lip conditioner, Fresh Sugar lip gloss, a stainless steel water bottle, nail polish and the Neiman Marcus Christmas book (complete with my henhouse modeled after the palace at Versailles).

I was AGOG at the awesomeness.

I was also AGOG at the amount of food that was ordered promptly following this gift extravaganza, because how else to celebrate getting presents than with nachos, popcorn, pizza and a Belgian waffle. Yes, a Belgian waffle.

I guess it was really that kind of weekend after all…


Disclosure: On occasion, contributors of The Trend Tribe receive products, compensation and/or services gratis or at discounted rates. This practice does not influence the contributor’s point of view or the outcome of the review. All descriptions are factual and accurately reflect the reviewers experience. The opinions are their own. Photos credits: Ashley Fitting


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