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I can’t tell you the last time I was in Vegas. Like seriously, I was probably 20 something and it might have been for work, or it might not, but it definitely happened in what I like to call “the lost decade” of my 20’s. Hey, I lived in LA, worked in the entertainment industry and was a bit of a wild child. So sue me.

This time around? Yeah, a bit more grown up. Like you saw, I went for a conference.

What I also went for was the inaugural Trend Tribe Influencer Weekend.

And boy was I influenced. Or wait, was I doing the influencing? Dammit, it was a long weekend.

Regardless, I got into Vegas a little bit earlier than the rest of the Tribe and had to laugh when I saw this getting off the plane. Good to see Vegas hasn’t changed since my 20’s. Back then? This would have been a GODSENT. Going 8 months pregnant with my second kid? Yeah, not quite so necessary.

Once I got settled and checked into my AMAZEBALZ room at the Aria, we got MAKEOVERS!! For someone who hasn’t gotten a makeover in years and spends a good amount of time in yoga pants with bags under her eyes? A makeover was JUST what the doctor ordered. And thank GOD for theamazing makeup pro’s at the Tom Ford Counter @ Neiman Marcus because this mama needed some serious help. I even managed to grab a few goodies on my way out! Say hello to my beautiful new lipstick and lip gloss.

After we got ourselves all gorgeous, we were treated to a personal shopping experience at TopShop. I will be honest, until then I had never heard of them. Now? I am despondent that the only place I can get them is online and a handful of stores across the country. Life is so UNFAIR. They are trendy and cool and full of just the most awesome and amazing stuff, most of which I couldn’t wear 8 months pregnant, but once this body is back to fighting weight? Don’t THINK I won’t be heading down to LA for a little shopping trip. And having your own private suite and personal shopping assistant? Ha. That’s normally my three year old.

Once we were properly outfitted for our excursion into the Vegas Scene, we headed to indulge in a more epicurean adventure… a progressive dinner through the Aria’s most exclusive restaurants.

At Sirio Ristorante we were wowed by fresh pasta, an assortment of homemade limoncellos, and probably the most gorgeous antipasti prep kitchen I’d ever seen. The fact that it was encased in glass for all the patrons to see was beyond.words.

 At Jean-Georges we got our steak on, with an amazing presentation of Wagyu Beef, served on a (literally) flaming plate, and surrounded by truffled mac and cheese, truffled mashed potatoes and a to-DIE-for sushi platter. (Yes I ate the sushi… it was amazing,) Another bonus for me were the homemade sodas. Since this mama was obviously not partaking in the martinis, I was lucky enough to sample their ginger soda, as well as their citrus soda… both of which were killer. Just not quite as boozy as I would have liked (le sigh).

While both of those experiences were fabulous, the icing on the cake had to be Sage.

Sage was an experience of masterful mixology and incredible dining, partnered with the antics of Robert, the general manager, who catered to our every whim. It was fun, it was exciting and it was amazing to see what kind of drinks their experts were creating and serving up. When was the last time you had an amuse bouche cocktail, a Pink Lemonade, prepared in an absinthe decanter? Or sampled a barrel aged whiskey that was literally being poured out of the barrel, at your table? If both adventurous cocktails and nods to the old standards are your cup of tea, then Sage is the place for you. Add in farm to table cuisine, Kushi oysters served fresh at the table and an assortment of “bar food” you’ve never had the pleasure to experience and that’s pretty much Sage in a nutshell. A delicious, boozy nutshell.

Of course, fully sated with food and drink, what better place to end the night than at upscale pleasure boutique of Kiki de Montparnasse. Let’s just say it was 50 Shades of Fabulous. (I’ll tell you more later…)

And that was only night one!!!

Don’t YOU want to be a Trend Tribe Influencer? You totally can…

Do you have favorite restaurants in Vegas? Have you ever been to any of these? What did you think?


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    Holy SHIT, Ashley, I am dead with jealousy. Like seriously, I’m dead. Let me know if the Trend Tribe ever expands to middle-of-nowhere Connecticut, ok? (Or really, NYC or Boston, since I am willing to drive to both of those places.)


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