38 Weeks Pregnant :: TWO MORE WEEKS!!!

So yeah… 38 weeks pregnant. Holy crap.

There will be a baby here soon and I’m really trying to figure out if I’m super excited to not be pregnant, super excited to have a newborn, or just scared to death about the whole damn thing.I’m gonna go with option c???

Seriously though. I feel pretty darn good all things considered, with contractions coming, but not staying, the kid has dropped so I don’t feel like I stick out 10 feet in front, and I’ve lost that feeling that she might just possibly break through the front of my stomach. Most of the time anyway.

I definitely think my poor stomach is ready to stop growing.

But in theory there are still 2 weeks to go. 2 weeks for her to GET ENORMOUS (no no no no no) and 2 weeks for me to kind of freak out about labor. Or on the bright side, 2 weeks for me to sleep, because that’s really all I want to do these days.


I don’t remember that from last time. But I also think I was just SO SO SO excited to be pregnant and have a baby and comeoncomeoncomeon… that I didn’t notice how tired I was. Nowadays with a preschooler asking me to play with him every 5 seconds? OMG ZZZZZ.

It is kind of funny though, because around the middle of 37 weeks, I was like, SO READY GET OUT OUT OUT OUT. But now? I’m realizing that I need to get some holiday shopping done, some Christmas decorations up and a few more things finished before I welcome a newborn into the house.

Now if only I could find the energy, because that burst of frantic nesting energy I’m “supposed to get”? Is nowhere to be found.

Maybe I’ll find it once I take another nap. ZZZZZ.




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