39 Weeks Pregnant :: GET OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT

39 Weeks Pregnant. OH MAH FREAKING GOD.

I know I’m not to my due date. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. But wow, am I ready to have a baby. I’m really hoping that the picture above is the LAST one I take but hey, there could be three more if you listen to my doctor. We actually had the conversation about what to do if I went two weeks late. HOLY FARQ that’s New Year’s Eve.

So yes, still pregnant.

And to be honest, things have been pretty damn good up to this point. Yes I’m big, yes I’m uncomfortable, but I’m still moving around at a good clip, taking naps when I need to and nesting (in a good way this time) like a crazed lunatic. All I want to do is clean and wrap presents. Then after about 30 minutes of that I’m like, zzzzzzzz, then UP AGAIN and racing around the house. It’s kind of insane.

A perfect example of the mania is yesterday when the hubby came home from his trip and I literally followed him around the house like, blahblahblahtalktomehowareyou… He looked a little bit scared.

But the little monster in my belly is still active (ouch), the contractions are still sporadic and despite jumping on my pressure points and drowning myself in raspberry leaf tea it does not look like there will be a baby soon.

Ah well, I’ll just wrap some more presents and keep cleaning. Anybody need anything done?



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