DIY Christmas Tree from Kampen Lane

H-E-double L- O to all “It’s Fitting” readers.  I’m Taylor-Ann from  I’m here guest posting today while the amazing Ashley gets ready for baby number two (sooo exciting).

Today I will share with you how to make an uber adorable porch Christmas tree for a bargain price.  As I walked through a big name hardware store and strolled down the Christmas décor isles, I would ooh and aah over the adorable outdoor faux trees and shurbs  with lights on them. I love them but would walk away wishing their prices were more in my budget.    So instead of dreaming for them to go on sale, I decided to make one myself and for a price I could afford (why wait when I can have one now).

Here is what you need for your DIY Christmas Tree

~4   9’ strands of garland (psst..they are $4 at target) You want the kind with wire so that you can adjust the branches so they look perfect.

~1   Wire Tomato cage


~1    flower pot (I bought mine at Lowes for $14)

~1    strand of lights

~1    bow or the top

Step 1: Wrap your garlands around the tomato cage.  You might need to adjust the garlands a few times to make sure that all of it will fit on the cage.  Adjust your branches as you go so you can see where you need to make your next row.

Step 2:  Place your new Christmas tree in your pot.

Step 3:  Add lights.  Mine are battery operated since we don’t have an outlet by our front door.

Step 4: Add your bow and any other décor you want to decorate your tree.  (I kept it simple with just the bow)

Step 5:  Set on your porch and smile

Totally easy right? So instead of spending $70-100 from a big name store you can spend roughly $30 for one.

A BIG Thanks to Ashley for letting me come on over and share this fun holiday DIY with your readers.

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