Ten Things No One Told Me About Having a Girl :: Guest Post

While I’m out dealing with a newborn and a three year old (OMG!!) the amazing Heather from Cheeky Woman has agreed to write a little something for me. As a mom of three, with two boys and a super-adorable little girl, she had a great perspective for me on what it’s like to have a little girl… Especially since I’m SUCH a boy mom.


Imagine finding out that you are having a baby girl. That little fetus growing inside your belly, keeping you awake at night, kicking you at every turn is going to be a sweet, precious little girl. You begin to imagine all the fun mommy-daughter moments you will have together; shopping for darling outfits followed by matching pedicures. It all sounds perfect.

Mothers who have daughters tell you all sorts of things about having a baby girl. They tell you how wonderful it will be, and how to enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast. Playing dress up, having tea parties, her first American Girl doll, etc. Having a daughter sounds like fun.

Then there are the things that people DON’T tell you about having a girl

10. Pink
HO-LY Pink! Pink is synonymous with girls. I totally get that. But it’s everywhere! No matter how hard we may try to influence our daughters with other colors, PINK will win every time. Painting her room turquoise or green, and buying her clothes in shades of orange doesn’t deter my daughter’s love of pink either. That saying, Absence makes the heart grow fonder,  can be applied to this whole pink situation.

9. Tears
Oh Heavens! The tears. That is all.

8. Drama
Shakespeare would be proud of her. So would my high school drama teacher.

7. Princesses
Who introduced my little girl to Princesses? It was not me, but I must admit it’s hard not to feed this interest. She is all over the Disney Princesses and its kind of fun for her to see that dreams really do come true.

6. Talking
There is a study that says girls say 3 times more words per day than boys. While I whole-heartedly believe this study, they did not include my daughter in it. If they had, that statistic would be 10 times more words than boys. And I love every single one of those words.

5. Hair care
Getting a child to sit still for longer than a nano-second can be a little tricky, especially if you happen to be my daughter. Most mornings, all I want to do is run a brush through her hair. It’s a daily battle. Just recently I have discovered The Wet Brush; it has saved us from many, many tears… now if I can just get her to sit still a little longer I could do piggy tails, or add a cute clip… baby steps, people.

4. Stubborn
She wants what she wants. I am failing at learning to channel this stubbornness into more productive areas (see #8 & #9). Her strong willed personality will serve her well when she is older.

3. Cuddling
Is there anything better than a little child resting in your arms? I don’t think so. I love when she comes to me and says, “Mom, will you hold me?” I do because I know she won’t ask forever.

2. Clothes
I admit it. I liked it much better when she didn’t have an opinion on what she wore. Pink dress, pink leggings, pink boots…. Everything must be pink.

1. Love
I had no idea how much bigger my heart could grow. I love the pink. I love her strong will. I love her cuddles. I love her.


  1. says

    The biggest realization I have had thus far is that, while I LOVE my little girl, boys are SO much easier. How’s is the adjustment from one to two kids going?

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