Let’s Get Physical with pvBody

So I’m sure if you’re friends with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you see that I’m at the gym. A LOT.

That’s me, 40 weeks pregnant, at the GYM

I love the gym. I love working out. I love the way that it makes me feel, the way that I look when I go and the fact that they will take my child for 2 hours a day, 7 days a week to run the energy out of him… but I digress. I also love workout clothes.

What I don’t like is how much they flipping COST! We all know the brands that are out there, the fancy insignias that we see on someone’s cute top or amazing yoga pants, that have us salivating with envy at the look, but certainly not at the price. I STILL haven’t sprung for a cute pair of yoga pants from the-store-who-shall-remain-nameless but hot DAMN if I don’t covet them. Especially since when I’m on a real workout tear I spend about 2 hours a day, 3-4 days a week in workout pants.

Enter pvBody. A GENIUS idea for workout gear, they get your workout style, your color palette preferences and BOOM, every month a super cute workout outfit is delivered to your door. Their idea is that workout clothes are WAY too expensive and so they have developed relationships with the best in the business to get you working out and looking awesome for a fraction of the cost. Even from the-store-who-shall-remain-nameless…

Perfect example of how awesome the clothes are. I received my first shipment after filling out my online profile through their website and it was perfectly tailored to me. I’m a yoga girl and a runner, so I received a pair of fabulous black running pants and a coordinating workout top from NUX. The fabric was amazing, with the NUX signature compression material and design and the price? $49.95 for the monthly subscription, WELL below the price that NUX sells them for. And you can get something as great from pvBody, every.single.month. And if you want to end your subscription? You can at any time, no commitment.

Since I’ll be working off some baby weight come the new year (if this child EVER comes out), having a new workout wardrobe is going to keep me inspired… It’s always easier to go when you feel good about yourself and the way that you look. So why not kick off your New Year’s resolutions by signing up and getting something cute to wear to the gym?

And since they love my readers as much as I do, pvBody is going to make it even easier for you guys to go to the gym looking good. When you sign up for a subscription to pvBody they are going to give you a $15 lululemon gift card and %25 off your first month’s subscription.



Easy peasy lemon squeezy: pvBody is easy. Take the quiz, sign up and boom, an awesome package arrives at your door each month with a hand picked outfit for you!

Every outfit is styled just for you by a pvBody expert. Each month you receive an outfit worth $150, but you pay just $49.95. You’re getting great, quality pieces for a fraction of the retail cost thanks to the relationships pvBody has built.

pvBody is not just another clothing company, but a lifestyle brand. Their blog is a great place to check out tips and tricks for healthy, delicious meals and at home workouts.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of pv.body. The opinions and text are all mine.

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