Officially Introducing to the Interwebz…

Abby the new baby

Introducing …

Miss Abigail Hay aka “Abby”, Abby Cadabby”, “Peanut”, “Peanut butter”, “Peanut brittle” ,”Little Bit” and “Jaws”

All 7 pounds 6 ounces of her was born on December 21st, making her my Winter Solstice Baby, a HELLUVA lot smaller than her brother was and 3 weeks old tomorrow. I must be living in a time warp because holy cow, I’m not sure where the last 3 weeks went.

I’ll start blogging in earnest again next week, with the birth story (oh you’ll LOVE this one), how life is going with two children and our first photo session as a family of four. But for now? I’m going to go chug some caffeine and look at my cute baby and enormous preschooler.

Seriously, he’s HUUUUUUGE.


  1. Sarah says

    She’s gorgeous! Welcome, Abigail and congratulations again to all the rest of the family. Looking forward to hearing more.

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