My Favorite Things :: Day 3 :: Gross Things You’ll Do as a Parent

When you are pregnant for the first time, you might sit there in that glider you purchased… with the fabric that matches the bedding, that matches the perfectly stenciled walls… and rub your belly, Nosefridabuttonpicturing those blissful days of babyhood that are to come. Celebrating every milestone with a hazy montage in your mind’s eye. The adorable outfits, the holidays, the photo sessions, everything is beautiful and magazine catalogue-y and clean…


Welcome to the real world Mommy. Where poop explodes out of diapers and barf will cover you head to toe and where a sick child means only one thing…


You heard me right. And I don’t mean one of those namby pamby syringe bulbs that they give you in the hospital. YOU try to shove that in a screaming newborn’s nose without perforating their sinuses and see how much snot you actually get out.

I’m talking about this baby…

The NoseFrida.

Yup. Take a closer look. That’s a tube. That you put in your MOUTH.


Hey stop. Where are you going?? COME BACK HERE.

Seriously though, when I first saw it, I wanted to cry. No one told me that parenthood involved sucking the snot out of someone else’s nose!? GROOOOOOSSSSS Man. But then my son got his first cold and I tried frantically one night to get the useless bulb aspirator to work properly. He screamed, I cried, and no snot came out.

EFFFFFFFFF ME. It was a horror show.

I don’t even remember how I heard about the NoseFrida, but after that traumatizing experience I decided to get one.

And my life was forever changed.

Seriously though, it really is a lifesaver for a snotty kid. It’s the MOST effective thing I have tried (after having two kids), so when I had my daughter and my germ infested preschooler gave her a cold at 6 DAYS (OMFG), I wasn’t as stressed as I might have been. Because I knew that I could keep her teeny tiny nose clear. She wasn’t super pleased at the prospect, but at least I didn’t have to hear her snoring at night and stress out that she couldn’t breathe.

Yes, I know it seems gross…

Yes I know you put your mouth there, and that tube over there and you’re supposed to suck and actual SNOT will come out…

But guys, it’s the one thing that I buy for EVERY new mom… (if only to see their reaction) because it really is amazing. And honestly? You know it must be good if a high ranking PR Exec talked about it in her presentation at Bloggy Boot Camp. And they aren’t even her clients.

It’s a freakin PHENO-ME-NON.

Love it or hate it, it’s the most effective thing I’ve ever used for getting snot out of my kid’s nose. And trust me, is not NEARLY the most disgusting thing I’ve done so far as a parent. By a LOOOOONG shot. But that’s another blog post for another day.

What’s the MOST disgusting thing you’ve had to do so far as a parent?


  1. says

    The Nose Frida is my favorite thing ever. My only wish is that I knew about it when my 3yo was a baby. Then maybe she would let me use it on her now. My 5mo is all set.

    Grossest thing I’ve ever done as a parent? Take my kid to the McDonald’s bathroom on St. Mark’s Place today. How gross could it be, I thought. THAT GROSS.

    • says

      Ilana… honestly? I’ve used the NoseFrida on my 3yo and it’s… well… a little bit more disturbing, because they’re pretty much small humans and it’s like, omg I’m sucking snot from a semi-grown man’s nose.

  2. says

    Grossest thing I’ve ever done as a parent? Take my 3yo to the McDonald’s on St. Mark’s Place today. How gross could it be, I thought. THAT GROSS.

    Love the Nose Frida. Use it every morning on my 5mo baby.

    • says

      Um public bathrooms? OMFG. My son pulled that on my husband the other day at the gas station. Would have been fine until he told him he had to poop. All I could think was, “Good luck Rookie.”

  3. says

    That thing is GENIUS! I would have paid good money for that when my kids were little. You know, back in the dark ages…

    • says

      It is pretty darn awesome I must say. Grossness aside. And back in the dark ages I think we were all just sucking the snot from their nose with our mouth, right? ;-) So it’s an improvement?

      • says

        Haha! Well…maybe not THAT far back. But I was a master of the bulb syringe! My daughter would even bring it to me and ASK me to “get the snots” when she was sick. But she’s weird. Neither of my boys did that, they hated it. I was so disappointed.

        • says

          HAHA. My son got to the point where he would ask me to NoseFrida him if it got really bad, but now that he’s a BIG 3.5? It’s kind of like sucking the snot from a semi-grown man and it creeps me out. The kid needs to learn to blow his damn nose at this point.

  4. Andrea says

    I am equally disgusted and intrigued. If I had known that existed when my kiddos were wee ones I probably would have purchased it.

    Grossest thing I’ve done as a parent? I have this unexplained reflex: when my kids start to throw up, I actually put my hands in front of them (like to catch it?). Needless to say, I’ve had many many handfuls of vomit in my day…

  5. says

    I’m horrified, but intrigued. Probably because the snotsucker might (gag) be the grossest thing I’ve (gag) had to use as a parent, and (gag) as gross as sucking it out with MY MOUTH would be, if it actually works it’d totally be worth it!

    • says

      It’s worth every.damn.penny/horrific moment. And there’s a perverted satisfaction with seeing all the snot you’re getting out of their nose. Kind of like popping a zit or something ;-)

  6. says

    I may be the only one, but at first glance this didn’t appear gross to me, it appears to be genius.

    My reasoning.. My son thinks any noise that comes from my mouth is funny. So if I could make a funny sucking noise while sticking that tampon-shaped thing in his nose, it might distract him that I’m actually sucking snot from his nose.



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