Why I’m Excited…

I feel like when I first became a mom, I was excited by all of the new things that were ahead of me. I was excited to meet my son, to meet this little alien that had inhabited my body for 9 months. I was excited for a lifetime of firsts with him. His first steps, his first words, all of the new experiences for both of us.

But I realize now that this was what I was waiting for all this time. And this is what has me SO excited to have a big kid now…

Soccer pictures

Because this was me, way back in the day…

And this is him now…


My big kid is playing soccer!!!

I love being a mom.


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    Happy Mother’s Day! Oh & so Sweet! All 3 of my kids play baseball & although I didn’t play I LOVE comparing then through the years. My oldest is 14 and he is currently playing in 2 leagues (HS & Town teams) then my younger son this is his 3rd yr playing & this year was the 1st year my little girl started to play. Nothing like those sweet faces out there doing something they are falling in love with.

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      Ellie, hope you had an awesome Mothers Day! Yeah, it’s so awesome how much he loves soccer. It’s also nice for me that he gets the ants out of his pants. 3.5 is a pretty high energy age!! Omg.

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