My Favorite Things :: Day 3 :: So You’ve Got a Sick Kid

So you’re a parent (or will be soon) and the day you dread will eventually come when your precious snowflake wakes up with The Crud. Zarbees button

You will probably treat The Crud with some fever reducers (if necessary), lots of liquids, some Disney movies and a ton of TLC. But then there’s that cough. That annoying toddler cough that lingers on after the fever has gone. That cough that sticks around with that annoying sniffle that we at It’s Fitting call “Preschool Nose”. That cough that never seems to go away and drives you bonkers and OMFG STOP COUGHING CHILD.

And guess what you can give your hacking-up-a-lung kid these days?

Not a damn thing.

For a myriad of reasons, all of which I think are excellent ones, they have pulled children’s cough syrup off the shelves. I’m not a huge fan of doping my kid anyway, but what the heck does that leave us desperate parents?


I discovered it a few years ago when I got a free sample at a blogging conference. The kiddo was only 1.5 then and I rolled my eyes at the claims. I mean, come on… it’s all natural. How well can it really work?

Then allergy season hit with a vengeance and we discovered that the kid had them… BAD.

He sniffled and sneezed and all that post nasal drip made him cough a LOT, which drove everyone batty and kept him up all night long.

Toddler – sleep + cough = Total Suckage

It’s making my Favorite Things list because it keeps me sane during cold/flu/allergy/preschool season, doesn’t dope up my kid, and helps him sleep. They have grown-up cough syrup too… and a really cute bee as their logo.


Zarbee bee


So Zarbees will be providing some of their product for YOU to try on your kids too! Check back on Friday to see all of the amazing things that are going into this giveaway.

You excited yet?


A million years ago, Zarbees did provide me with free product. Since then all of the cough syrup I have purchased has been on my own and all the opinions of it are mine and unbiased.


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