How do YOU Say Pecan? :: Take the Dialect Quiz

I’m linking up today with Kelley’s Break Room to take the Dialect Quiz that was all over Huffington Post this week!

It was a really fascinating study by Joshua Katz that prompted the article in HuffPo and made me realize that I totally have a mishmash dialect.

So how do YOU pronounce some of these words? And what terms do you use??

1. What is the generic term for sweetened carbonated beverages?
2. What do you call the miniature lobster that you find in lakes and streams?
3. What is that thing called that kids drink water from in the hallways at schools?
4. What do you call rubber-soled shoes that you wear to the gym? Or to run? Or to go to Target?
5. Does someone cut the grass? Cut the lawn? Mow the grass? Mow the lawn?
6. What is the general term for that big road where people, like, drive really, really fast?
7. What do you call a group of two or more people?

8. Syrup?
9. Pecan?
10. Pajamas?
11. Mayonnaise?
12. Lawyer?
13. Crayon?
14. Marry/merry/Mary?

Also, no judging on the hair or lack of makeup… I managed to drag my sorry ass to the gym today for bootcamp and at least got in a shower. Makeup and doing my hair? Beyond me.

See ya later, y’all. *wink*


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    I loved this, Ashley! It was fun to see you answering the questions! Mel over at According To Mags said in her video that her dad puts “the” in front of the freeway name where she’s from. Ha! She lives in Boston. This was so entertaining. Love that you use “y’all” when you are tipsy. Ha! Thank you SO much for linking up!

    • says

      Seriously, it’s the WEIRDEST thing ever. I don’t really even know where it came from… but it won’t go away. Everything else just feels weird… :-) And it drives my family crazy, which makes me smile.

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