The “Great Kate Wait” :: How to be Pregnant, Ready to Pop and Royal

Towards the end of my pregnancy I was a smidge grumpy. I was big, uncomfortable and pissed that the Peanut was late. I was also irrationally angry that it was almost Christmas, my family was staying with us, the world was spinning and that the sky was blue. I mean seriously? It wasn’t a pretty sight. great kate wait

I think every pregnant woman feels that end of pregnancy anxiety. Everyone feels as big a house, ready to pop, just freakin’ DONE. I was ready to smack anybody who asked if me I was in labor yet, or exactly where the baby was or if it was coming soon. YOU WILL KNOW, TRUST ME.

But guys, no matter how hard we had it at the end, we had it EASIER than Kate.

“The Great Kate Wait”

Despite having my family of 2, plus my parents and their dog, in my house, I did not have thousands of paparazzi camped out on my lawn. My husband wanted to ask if I was in labor yet, but could usually be silenced with a look that said, “UNWISE QUESTION MY FRIEND.” I did not have the world’s media outlets speculating on my due date, my overdue-ness, or whether or not they had chosen the wrong hospital to camp out in front of. There were no bets taken on the gender of my baby, the name we might give said baby or when it was coming.

I thought I felt pressured by my family? Ha. Imagine the pressure of thousands of people that have lost money wagering on when you are going to pop out a royal. I did not have 1.5 million pounds on the line.

I know she’s the Duchess of Cambridge and the wife to the future King and a lady of privilege and BLAHBLAHBLAH. I’m sorry, I don’t care WHO you are, the end of pregnancy sucks and being fodder for the front page news totally and completely blows.

Hang in there Sister, we’ve all been there.

Just usually not on CNN or the Today Show.


Need some tips on how to induce labor, Kate? I got them RIGHT here for ya.



  1. Cynthia says

    Lord, I’ve got a little less than 8 weeks to go, but according to EVERYONE ELSE, I look like I’m either carrying twins or that I’ve grossly miscalculated my due date. The comments from my friends and family, combined with my rapidly diminishing tolerance are getting hard to deal with, but I couldn’t imagine seeing that kind of joking and speculation about something so personal to me splashed across the news and tabloid magazines. To their credit, Kate and William seem the epitome of grace. I could never publicly maintain that kind of self control!

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