Making Childhood Memories… All Over Again

There were so many things I was excited about when I had my babies. The newness of it all, the unknown of what their personalities were going to be, of what they would become. All these things to think about, to learn, to share.

The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Being able to watch as they play soccer for the first time. Or go to visit my grandparents on the farm where I spent every summer as a child. Reading them a book that I used to love (Phantom Tollbooth, anyone?). Or seeing their face light up when we watch a favorite old movie together.

I LOVE sharing those experiences with them because they bring back my old memories. In a rush of hazy images I remember the first time I kicked a ball and those years of gap toothed smiles while I posed in my soccer uniform. I remember climbing the same hills, the same smells of grass and hay and seeing the old farmhouse in the evening light.

I remember my childhood through the newer, shinier lens of theirs.

Being able to watch a movie together now with my three and a half year old makes that even more special. Sure there are the new, fancy 3D movies out there. The ones that WHIZZ-BANG! and POP! and dazzle with their lights and shininess. But I have a special place in my heart for the older ones. The ones that I grew up watching in my grandparents living room, during those summers on the farm. The ones that I grabbed from the shelves of the video store every few days and couldn’t wait to take home and watch.  

And no childhood memory would be complete without that silly little bear named Pooh.

Do you remember watching it? Remember the stories about the blustery day or that loveable T-I-Double G-ER?? As I watched it for the first time in 25 years with my kids, all I could think about was the first time. How much I LOVED Winnie the Pooh (but more specifically, Eeyore). How I loved the Hundred Acre Wood and how it inspired me later to actually read the books by A.A. Milne.

And my son was entranced. He loved Pooh with his soft spoken voice and obsession with honey. He loved Eeyore with his gloomy face and nailed on tail, and all of the friends that they had. I sat, watching him as he giggled and laughed and had a flash of him, years in the future, watching it with his kids… and remembering sitting on the couch, snuggling with his mama and learning about a little yellow bear in the Hundred Acre Woods.

There were no fireworks, no explosions… just a bear and his boy. A friendship that would last a lifetime.

The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Eeyore


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  1. Lisa Brown says

    It is important to learn necessary skills for a happy and rewarding life.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  2. Kelly D says

    It important because my children learn so much by playing together and with other kids, as well as by using their imaginations. This prepares them to be productive and happy adults.

  3. Susan Smith says

    Imagination is important for creativity and growing through adventures, which plays into their imagination.
    Friendships and building relationships is a necessary skill for all ages

  4. Dee says

    Friendship is important to have support in life and people to share the happy moments with and building relationships is important for careers. As for imagination? What would a grand adventure be without one? All are very important tools for a child to grow and prosper! :)

  5. Margaret Smith says

    I feel that the importance of friendship, imagination and adventure in my kids lifes help them to develope socially and emotionally.
    Thanks so much.

  6. Denise S says

    These things are all important in my children’s live, because it gives them confidence, fun and helps them develop and learn about the world.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  7. Deborah Anderson says

    Through friendship, children learn tolerance, compassion, and social interaction. Playing together inspires imagination, and that increases thinking power. So yes, it’s all very important to a child’s development.

  8. says

    I literally grew up on Winnie The Pooh. Seriously. I toted around a Winnie The Pooh pillow case (sometimes with a pillow inside, sometimes not) and would suck my thumb through the corner for years. Because I’m both disgusting and adorable. ;)

  9. Stephanie Larison says

    Kids need to experience all this to grow and become who they will be. It also helps with social skills, independence, and confidence.

  10. Jessie C. says

    Friendship, imagination and adventure are impoart for my kids because they make life richer and happier.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  11. Emily says

    My daughter thrives from friendships. She learns the most by mimicking others actions. I love watching her gain skills by being creative and using her imagination.

  12. Michele C. says

    Friendships allow children to grow and practice skills. It allows them to use their imagination in a safe setting usually free of adult criticisms. It opens their eyes to wonders and possibilities.

  13. katydid says

    Winnie the pooh is one of the best places to learn about friendship and kindness…. would love these for my grandkids! thanks

  14. Debbie B says

    Imagination helps children become creative thinkers; friendship and adventure is an essential part of life

  15. Joni says

    Friendship, imagination and adventure in your child’s life is important because it molds them to become who they are and teaches them love and acceptance.

  16. Kerry says

    Friendship, imagination and adventure are so important in a child’s life because they will use all of these things throughout their entire life!

  17. Wanda McHenry says

    The ability to use imagination to create an adventure with their friends molds a child into a confident and well social balanced individual.

  18. ashley c. says

    I think imagination is incredibly important and do whatever I can to encourage imagination through playtime.
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

  19. augrim says

    Pooh’s diverse group of friends have adventures that excite a child’s imagination creating new pathways to a fulfilled life. Pooh out.

  20. tina says

    Imagination is so important to encourage it helps a child grow and be creative. I really think it helps them believe they can do anything. My kids and I have tea partys, and such are favorite is pretending to be a vet.

  21. Diane baum says

    Friendship and imagination play critical roles in making loving humans, as evidenced by my 27 year old’s nickname is still Tigger, my other son Piglet and me mom-I’m Winnie.

  22. ky2here says

    Our middle daughter personifies friendship, imagination and adventure. She sees the good in almost everyone and is an artist.

  23. Brenda Elsner says

    Friendship, adventure, and imagination are all important aspects in a children’s life. They grow emotionally and mentally and it let’s them be who they are and discover themselves. It gives them skills they will need in their adult lives. I love sitting and just watching my kids use their imaginations!

  24. Chase smith says

    Friendship is very improtant in any childs life, i try to get my son to build as many friendships early in life as possible to help teach him how to share and give him a sense of loyalty. Adventure and imagination are also soo so important to my young son, these charactoristics play big roles in anything a child does and wants to grow up to be, imagination allows him to pretend to be anything he wants and adventure lets him think of things he can do that help him imagine what he wants to be.

  25. Shannon says

    It is so important for kids to have an imagination. As my kids grow I see how their imagination grows too! I encourage their creativity and socializing with similar friends!

  26. kolpin says

    fostering friendship, imagination and adventure in a child will create an adult who is caring, giving, open-minded, and non-judgmental.

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  27. Julie Goetz says

    I want my daughter to find happiness and with that she will need to make many friends. Her imagination is important so she can dream big.

  28. Bonnie Caselman says

    The importance of friendship, imagination and adventure in my child’s life will make her a more interesting person & she, in turn, will offer someone else the chance to grow their friendship, imagination & adventure.

  29. says

    Seeing the imagination in my three and five year old kiddos is simply amazing. Do you remember the power of imagination? “No, that dining room chair is not just a chair, Mom, it’s my Corvette!” And studies have shown that a healthy imagination in children leads to better skills at coping, creativity and problem-solving as they grow up!

  30. says

    They all go hand in hand! With good friends you have awesome adventures and share imaginations. I remember playing with my friends for hours as a kid and all we had were our bikes and minds. All kids should have those experiences to base their lives as adults on!

  31. susan smoaks says

    I truly believe that friendship, imagination and adventure are of the utmost importance in our child’s life. They help with growth and maturity and help keep life fun and exciting.
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  32. Betty C says

    Imagination lets a child go and do anything they want and may never get to do in real life. Friendships form the basis for living and working together in the future. Both are very important.

  33. crystal smith says

    Friendship, imagination and adventure are some of the most important aspects in my sons’ lives. I know that while they are practicing these they are not only developing their social and creative skills but enjoying their childhood

  34. Sarah L says

    Friendship, imagination and adventure are all important for kids (and adults, too) We take a daily hike around the lake and see what adventures we can have.
    Thanks for the contest.

  35. Thomas Murphy says

    Its very important that my kids have fun with there imagination and go on fun adventures with there good friends.

  36. Betty says

    Friendship, imagination and adventure is the framework that many of our fave bedtime stories are built on. In real life, everyone needs friendship
    tjandbcd at optonline dot net

  37. Ashley says

    Friendship, imagination and adventure are the three best things when you’re a child. Friendship for when you’re feeling lonely. Imagination for when you’re feeling bored. Adventure for when you’re feeling a little..well, adventurous! ;)

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

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