Wordless Wednesday :: Vacation at Dos Pueblos Ranch

So I figured the best way to document the AMAZING trips we took this summer would be to post them as pictures!

This was part of our road trip (with two small children WHAT WERE WE THINKING???) down to San Diego. We stopped to see dear friends who live in Dos Pueblos Ranch, on their own little version of ShangriLa. Or a hippie commune… depends on who you ask. *grin*

The coolest part of their property (besides the chickens, goats, beach, sunsets, farm and of course the people) are the greenhouses… there are a number of them that have been divvied up amongst the tenants to use as they see fit; for livestock, farming, to live in, etc. They are old, funky and obviously make GREAT pictures.

Totally rad.

Greenhouse at Dos Pueblos


Vacation at Dos Pueblos Ranch


  1. Cynthia says

    Gorgeous photos! Indeed we are somewhat a new-age hippie commune in spirit, but lately just for fun I’ve been tossing around the term “intentional community.” Sounds a little less “David Koresh” and little more “Michael Pollan,” haha. Come back soon with the family!

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