Disney, the Happiest Place on Earth?

Disney. For some people that word evokes complete euphoria. A child-like excitement. A place where you can truly be a kid again and where magic happens every day. For others, it’s like a shot to the head. Screaming children, long lines, overpriced everything…

But I like to think that for my family, Disney will always be the happiest place on earth. After all, I grew up going there. My parents and I spent years acting like complete fools as we put Mickey ears on our heads and chased down characters for the perfect photo op. And we’re not just talking about when I was a child. There were trips well into high school and college and we had a blast every.single.time.

My husband sealed the deal when he took me there on our first date. Little did he know that his gesture put a giant heart shaped target on his back because I knew then that HE was the guy I was going to marry. I just knew it. (There were other things, but still, DISNEY)disneyland

We made Disney a tradition for us and for eventually our family.

This was year three going as a family and our first as a family of four. It was a little challenging, because let’s face it, a four year old isn’t the most fun on the BEST of days and the 9 month old was kind of like… ok, this is cool, time for a nap… but still it was Disney.

Disney CollageIt was watching people in crazy hats and little girls dressed in princess costumes.

It was holding the Big Kid’s hand as I “tiger-mom’ed” him onto Splash Mountain. (For the record, he LOVED it)

It was watching the Peanut touch Mickey’s nose for the very first time and grin her fool head off instead of being afraid.

It was Disney, at it’s finest. Full of joy. Full of Disney Magic.

I can’t wait to go back.

Ashley and dumbo

Although to be honest, I think next year we’re going to go without the kids… because I’m ready for my own Disney Vacation and going anywhere with kids just isn’t relaxing. I mean, as they say, TARGET without kids is a vacation… so Disney WITH kids certainly is not.

So what do YOU think? Is it the Happiest Place on Earth? Or your Worst Nightmare??

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