The Peanut :: Ten Months Old

Ten Months Old

The Peanut is Ten Months Old. Oh dear.

She is still small, but currently a moving, crawling, scooting, cruising machine. Unlike her brother, who had a healthy respect for all things, including his own safety, she has none. Everything is something that can go into her mouth, be pulled, be poked or stick a finger into. This includes her nose and electrical sockets.

She is still painfully shy around strangers or louder adults. I know… I’ve never used the word “shy” to describe any member of my family so I’m having a hard time getting it out. Shhhhhhy. Yup, that’s her. But she’s also a coy little thing, who likes to pretend she’s shy, hiding into my shoulder then peeking around, all so she can stay in my arms.

She’s one to watch out for, this kid.

She’s talking up a storm. Mama, Daddy, Drew, Milk, Banana… but her absolute favorite word is HI! She says hi to everything and everyone, from Daddy in the morning “Hi Daddy!!”, to the bottle of milk that I give her. “Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Milk!” It’s pretty much all we hear these days. And it’s pretty damn adorable.

She’s going through an awkward phase, what with the 4 snaggly teeth coming through and the horrendously bad mullet that she’s sporting, so I’m hoping it gets better before high school. Otherwise we might have to have a hair intervention.

Crazy hair

At the very least.

She’s a good girl though, getting so much happier and more comfortable with strangers and family. She even spent two WHOLE days with my Mother in Law without completely freaking out… I’m hoping she’s turned a corner but just when I get comfortable with her loving the whole world?


She hates everyone again.

So I’ll just keep loving her and her weird feather-y hair, her six snaggley teeth and her absolutely adorable smallness.

Two more months to go till a year.

God Help Us.

Pumpkin Patch Ten Months Old


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