Two Kids and I Obviously Know Nothing…

So a million years ago I complained about my world coming to an end because my toddler had decided to stop taking 2, 1.5 hour naps and started taking one 3 hour nap instead.

I know, I’m an asshole.

I Know Nothing

But my kid has always been a sleeper. And has in some way always subscribed to the idea that “sleep begets sleep”. So when he sleeps 3 hours in the afternoon has always slept like a rockstar at night. I know, it’s not normal, but it’s just the way that things have always been. And the Peanut, up till this point, been the same.

But, all of a sudden there’s been a shift in the paradox. A rip in the time space continuum. An end to the perfect order of things. Even Amy at Amalah has noticed it.


Both of them are completely and totally effed up. I personally would blame the stupid time change, but it started before that. Hours spent sitting in his room screwing around. Making a ton of noise, none of which sounded very much like sleep. Spending “quiet time” up there, but then coming down after 30 minutes, pretty much hanging off the ceiling with hyperactivity.

Because apparently when a kid gets tired, he gets hyper. (What the hell universe, that’s just screwed up)

And remember how sleep begets sleep? Yeah, without that wonderful three hour nap in the afternoon, we’re also not getting any wonderful nighttime sleep either. Every.single.night we’ve had a little monster yelling from his room about OUT OUT OUT I WANT OUT I NEED SOMEONE TO SLEEP WITH AAAAAAAAGH.

And guess who is blessed with this little snuggle bunny/elephant in their bed?

Lucky Me.

The Peanut is almost worse, because there’s no reasoning with her. Her morning nap has been awesome, moving later and later, taking us out of nap jail and obviously starting to head from two naps to one. It’s a heck of a lot earlier than the Big Kid transitioned, but it’s ok… at least until about 3. Because the afternoon is brutal, trying to get her down and then hours until bedtime and a wail that pierces and threatens to break glass. And there’s no sticking her in her room for quiet time, because you know, unreasonable baby and all that. And when she doesn’t take a good nap, she sleeps like crap at night.

So we live in a house full of unrest. Literally.

Pointers anyone?


  1. says

    I should totally not be giving any kind of sleeping advice because my youngest is a TERRIBLE sleeper, but… I sort of forced the tough transition from 2 naps to 1 way earlier than I thought I would, because making the “natural” transition was like pulling my eyelashes out Brady took 2 TWO HOUR naps until he was 18 months (heaven-sent, I tell ya!), then made a swift and easy transition to 1 three hour nap. Easy peasy. Cole’s iffy 2 nap schedule was a disaster and was killing any chances we had to have a somewhat productive day, so I just started keeping him up til 11. It made the hour between 10-11 difficult for a little while, but he took to it. He has a bizarre nap time right now, 11:30ish-2:30ish, but once I let go of the “omg, he’s sleeping through lunch what do i do about that?!” anxiety, I realized it’s what works for him/us. I feed him a heavy snack around 11, then put him down at 11:30. Whenever he wakes, I give him another hearty snack, then he eats dinner at 5:30. LONG STORY SHORT… maybe it’s time to push the peanut to an early 1 nap at 11ish?! We’ve been doing this for about 1-2 months now, and sometimes he can go to 12p with no problem. I hope we’ll be at the 12:30-3:30 nap schedule by 18 months. Baby steps! Good luck!

    • says

      Heather, you’re totally right… and strangely, that’s what we’re doing… the problem is that she’s used to getting two 2 hours naps a day and if I hold her till 11, on Wed-Friday I have to pick up the Big Kid at 12:15. So she’s getting shafted on her naps and she’s not quite ready to stay up until noon. We’re in crazytown around here right now, naps some days and other days (like last night) she was up from noon until 8 and had a freaking MELTDOWN. It was ugly. I HATE CHANGE. AAAAAGH

  2. Tephanie says

    I am probably not one to ask either, and sounds like might mess with school schedules, but at home, my kids always napped from 11:30-2:30 until recently, maybe 3-4 months ago when we pushed it back to 12-12:30-3-3:30. If we missed that early start time, the assy meltdowns would be epic because they refused to nap. So I am a nap nazi, we don’t miss that window except for VERY rare reasons. Same with earlier bedtime. Its what works for us. Can Big Kid nap at school those days so Peanut doesn’t miss her nap???

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