What to Buy Your Favorite Wine Lover | A Holiday Gift Guide

holiday-gift-guide-wine-loversIt’s no secret that I love wine and while there are tons of gift guides out there for your kids, your husband and your in laws? Meh… You need a gift guide for someone like me… your discerning wino.

A true lover of wine is going to have a LOT of wine accoutrement already. They may have fancy openers, fancy glasses, even super fancy wine. But they probably aren’t going to have these…

A Pair of Woodzee Glasses from Robert Mondavi

Dude, these are SO cool. The special edition sunglasses obtain their distinctive tint from the oak barrels used to age Robert Mondavi Private Selection’s Coastal Crush Red. The wine, a bold red blend, imbues the barrel with a red hue, which Woodzee is able to highlight in this debut collection. The novel take on a classic shape is flattering on both men and women, and bears a barrel logo on the temple, indicative of its recycled material. The series is available in four fun lens colors befitting any season and occasion: bronze, grey, reflective blue and reflective green. Additionally, each pair is packaged in an oak barrel wood case emblazoned with the Robert Mondavi Private Selection & Woodzee logo. These are the BEST gift to give to the wine lover who has EVERYTHING!




It’s like they made it just for me. Picnics, the movies, children’s birthday parties, why shouldn’t you take your favorite wine with you?? It holds a full bottle, is flexible and AMAZING and  at $9.99, it’s a great price point for a holiday hostess gift or stocking stuffer.


Kyouei Design – The Glass Tank 

So this thing is actually more like a piece of art than an actual wine glass… But you fill up the gorgeous glass tank with your favorite vintage and then it fills your glass as you drink. A beautiful conversation piece for your favorite wino with a price tag that’s on the high side, but worth it for the artistic value.



Menu Wine Breather Carafe

This is the coolest decanter I’ve seen in a long time, as it aerates a bottle simply and with style. You can press the decanter top into the wine bottle and watch it fill the decanter to pour from there, but if you want to pour from the bottle, simply FLIP and it will send it streaming back. For a great visual on how it works, check out Leslie Sbrocco’s explanation on the Today Show… it’s truly a very cool piece at a completely reasonable price point of around $50.00.




Appellation Gift Box from Chris Donatiello 

So I can’t tell you about cool wine gifts without suggesting an amazing wine. Living in wine country doesn’t suck, and being close to such amazing wineries as C Donatiello makes my life very, very awesome. C Donatiello has some beautiful wines and they are especially known for their Pinot Noir, created by an extremely talented young wine maker, Webster Marquez. They have an amazing holiday gift box, including a pair of C. Donatiello wines (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir(MY FAVORITE!)), Salumi from Creminelli Salumeria in Utah, Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam Cheese (OMG the MOST delicious), and Toffee from Healdsburg Toffee Company. It’s a wonderful gift for the wine lover who hasn’t had the chance to taste the beauty of the Russian River.


Apparently we are a *gasp* dying breed… Save us.


This gift is awesome for a nice bottle of wine, makes a statement about the person you’re giving it to, and a $1 from the sale of each bag goes to supporting Rhino Conservation. Drinking and gifting for a good cause?

Yes Please.


  1. Michelle Delancey says

    As a lady on the Go, I love your post on the Wine2Go! I’ve never seen these however combined with my passion for Saving the Wine-O and my Go Go Go schedule – you can count me in as your newest loyalist to saving this endangered species. Long live the Wino!

    All kidding aside, I travel for a living and am so happy to see a Wine2Go. Finally something that is designed well enough that you would take pride in carrying it around or in your bag and showing it off without feeling guilty. I’ve been so turned off by the ridiculous wine-ventions of the past (i.e. wine bra + more -You know what I mean? lol). Great work!

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