New Year’s Resolutions… Already?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NUTRILITE®.NewYearsResolutions

Every year I try and make some resolutions about myself, my health, my body. Every year I tell myself that I will be healthier, work out a little bit more and drink more water. And yet every new year comes and goes and I’m still not hitting the gym as hard as I would like, or drinking as much water as I should. (But by all means I am drinking WINE, be assured of that.)

I also feel like I should be taking vitamins… or something. Maybe some supplements for the fact that I drink a little TOO much wine occasionally, or the fact that I religiously wear sunscreen every day but might be a little low on my Vitamin D. Or maybe something to keep me protected against the Big Kid and the nastiness he brings home from preschool three times a week. *shudder*

It was easy when I was pregnant. I walked into Whole Foods, picked out the Prenatal Vitamin that was least likely to make me barf and I was golden. It had everything my gestating body needed and didn’t make me feel TOO urpy at the end of the day. But now? I walked into that same store and was baffled at what I saw. Heck, I’m not an herbalist. I don’t know what I need to keep me healthy and my skin dewy and my systems in perfect working order… I keep my kids fed and clean and entertained and manage to shower most days, but this is beyond me.

Isn’t there someone out there who should do this FOR me?

Enter the NUTRILITE® Supplement Recommender, an awesome website that walks you through your lifestyle, your age, your activity levels and if you might have a vice or two (I thought more wine was supposed to be GOOD for you?) and recommends which of their premium supplements are going to help the most. It suggested the best things to protect myself against my germ-y children and that I might need a Vitamin D supplement since I don’t spend too much time outside without sunscreen. It told me the best multivitamin for my age but determined that I eat enough cheese (oh do I ever) and dairy products so I didn’t need a calcium supplement. It also suggested a little Milk Thistle for those nights that I overindulge with my girlfriends. The best part was that it sent me a comprehensive email with all of their recommendations as well as the links to purchase them.

It was so easy to use and so nice to have someone who’s actually telling me what I need and suggesting the premium supplements that will help me get there.

Now if they could recommend the perfect supplement to erase wrinkles, do the dishes and put away the laundry?

I’d be ALL over that.

And because I’m feeling so incredibly giving this holiday season (have you seen my other giveaway??) I’m teaming up with NUTRILITE® to give you your ticket to good health in 2014. One grand prize winner will be randomly selected to receive a MyPack Supplement Pack valued at $800.00 and includes men’s and women’s pack, perfect pack, heart health, immunity health, bone health and healthy aging supplements.

Get healthy in 2014… with a little help.
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NUTRILITE®.


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