I had such great intentions for 2014. Reboot

I was ready for the holidays and the madness of the Peanut’s birthday to be over. For the family to leave and for things to get back to normal. For the Big Kid to go back to school and for life to just resume.

And then the Peanut got the stomach flu. And then I got the stomach flu. And then the BIG KID  got the stomach flu. Of course the Husband managed to dodge the bullet, the lucky bastard, but who wants to have to deal with the man sickness? 

So yeah. It’s been kind of a rough start to the new year.

I’ve been such a hot mess that I’ve been showing up to appointments on the wrong days, leaving everything all over town, and just pretty much not running on a normal level. Did you notice the lack of posts? I haven’t had a functioning brain cell for WEEKS.

I’m ready for a reboot. A complete and total reboot to 2014.

Because I’m ready to get my crap together. I have great things that I was resolving to do… things like making sure to take at least ONE night and go to bed early. And making sure to drink water. Lots and lots of water. Because no sleep and no water? Makes for an old, tired looking girl. And even though I have more gray hair than the Husband (not that anyone would ever know), I’m NOT OLD.

And I’m ready to have a wonderful, productive year with some amazing travel, and huge changes in our home and lives. I’m ready for this year to so.completely.rock.

But first I have to get over this cold I just came down with. So I’ll reboot tomorrow.



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    I’m with you! The year started off great, but then my friend came to visit and I just literally fell off the “new year wagon”. I think we actually get the whole month of January to start and restart, right?! Best of luck to you!

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