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So I remember back in the day when the Big Kid was transitioning from two naps to one. I remember it sucking, but hey, we didn’t have anywhere to go, so who cared if we had to spend a few weeks with a wonky schedule, slowly working him to a decent hour for his one nap? Who cared if he was kind of a butthead? He was my precious butthead and no one else had to deal with him because I kept his devil ass at home. People thought this kid was AHMAZING. (I did not try to correct them.)

Yeah, with two kids? That luxury is out the window because the Big Kid goes to school and I can’t have the Peanut going to sleep until after 12:30. Which totally BLOWS because getting her to 1:00pm can be a harrowing experience.


She’s already very different than her big brother. Where he was mellow and easy until 3 years old, she is HELL ON WHEELS. This girl knows what she wants and when she wants it and god help the person who does not give it to her… immediately. So not giving her sleep has been a bit of a challenge. There are tears and tantrums and throwing herself to the floor and throwing food and just, yeah, harrowing.

And while we’ve been going through that with the Little? The Big Kid is slowly starting to transition to no nap. I know that we are lucky because lots of his kids his age have given up naps by now but still, *shudder*. The thought of no naps for the kids makes me want to kill myself, even though for the Big Kid, I’m slowly realizing that it’s going to be necessary… Eventually… In a few years… Maybe.

Here’s the catch. When he takes a nap, he doesn’t go to bed. When he doesn’t take a nap he’s a raging buttface by dinnertime. And we’re not exactly eating a late dinner, so I’m not sure how much earlier we can push it. And no matter WHAT time he goes to sleep, he’s up wandering the house at 4:30am, sneaking graham crackers and playing monopoly. 

Weird? Totally.

The worst part is that it makes for grumpy parents, exhausted kids, tears and irrational weeping over a missing soccer ball or the fact that I had the AUDACITY to offer someone cheese for lunch. I’m living in bizarro world and walking on egg shells as to what will set the little demons off.

Will it ever end??? Sadly, yes.

I know from experience though that all of this will pass too quickly. Looking at the Little and realizing that she is walking, talking and all of her baby-ness is gone, I know how fast it goes. I see the Big Kid, who only yesterday was my little boogie bear, my first born, my baby and I realize that it not only flies but zooms past in a blur of moments and firsts and beautiful, difficult and trying moments. So many of those moments are amazing, but some of them totally and completely suck.

But seriously, is the great Nap Transition over yet? Because cute or no, it’s been a total bitch.   HugsatZoo2.2014


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    Ugh – the nap thing! I do remember it being easier with my first, but as the older ones get older and you have to bend to their schedules, it’s definitely harder. Last summer, my littlest who just turned two stopped napping altogether because he knew his brothers were around and we would do things and go places if he didn’t nap. Then he would fall asleep at weird times and then never go to bed at night. He still does that sometimes. It makes me long for the days of the two – two hour naps a day.

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      Someone giving up a nap completely makes me want to cry. I live in FEAR that the Peanut will just suddenly stop napping and then my world will come crumbling to a halt and she will HAVE to start going to preschool. Because there is not enough wine in the world for two no-napping children. I mean, come on, we are NAPPING family! Even my husband still takes ’em.

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    Good god I wish I’d had a nap transition story. It was just one day we were napping and the next day, at almost 18 months to the minute, there were no more naps.

    We can’t even get the kid to sleep after a 4 hour hike. He’s up until 4:30 am, sneaking the iPad in and eating a whole bag of animal crackers. He’s 6, but if I didn’t tell anyone that, they’d think he was 16. ::sigh::

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