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png (2)There are few things in life I love more than California. The beach, the mountains, the desert, the snow… all here and all available to me within a few hours drive. From the glorious sun soaked sand of San Diego, to cold and foggy Humboldt, it’s a state of extremes, of beauty and of just plain AWESOME. Palms trees and Redwoods, beaches and snow, deserts and the rolling hills of wine country… this place is AWESOME!! (I mentioned the wine, right?)

I was born here, which of course makes me a little biased, lived across the street from the beach for years and took for granted that it was 75 and sunny in December. I mean, wasn’t this what everyone enjoyed? Paradise found? Apparently not. And I found out quickly that I was an anomaly to some when I moved back East for high school and college. Going through sorority rush with a hemp necklace on instead of pearls? Not the most conventional for a good southern school.

But even though I loved my southern education and loved the east coast (seriously!), I couldn’t wait to come home. I couldn’t wait to explore LA, to go home to San Diego, to meet my husband and move north to the Bay Area. I just couldn’t wait to get back. And now I get to explore all of the other places that I never did when I was younger. Wine country. San Francisco. The Lost Coast. Monterey, Santa Barbara, Napa, none of these were places that I went when I was young. And now I can and do and I relish every.single.minute that I get to live in this glorious state. This 770 miles of gorgeous land.

So in honor of my love for my home state, I’m totally getting this.


I am DYING for this California necklace and especially love the fact that it’s made right here in the good ol’ state of California by California Limited.

Cali Limited is an awesome company that proclaims its love for all things CA with locally made clothes and jewelry that rock my socks. I love their unique designs and I want it all! The company is totally cool too, because it started as a Facebook page to celebrate the love of the state and exploded into a cult following of natives and non natives who wanted to show their Cali pride. I love a good story and I LOVE buying local… I mean, have you read the blog? I’m kind of a psycho about it.

Because after all…


From super cute and soft tees, to awesome hoodies, to the thought that everyone can enjoy the California lifestyle…  they embody what it means to be cool Californian. Even if you don’t live here…


I was provided with a gift card to purchase something fabulous from California Limited, but all opinions are entirely my own! If YOU want to dress like a Cali boy or girl, check out their website.


  1. Kathy at kissing the frog says

    Super cute necklace! I love the Bay area – Napa, Monterey, Carmel. Love, love it there. Maybe I will have to come visit you!

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