Kind of Like Hell, Only Prettier

remodeling_your_homeHellooo? Anyone home???

Yeah, I know it’s been a little light around these parts. But trust me when I tell you that I want to write. I want to talk about all of the crazy things that are going on around here, about all of the nutso things that the Big Kid and the Peanut are doing. I want to post pictures, hell I want to be TAKING pictures. But I’m not.

Because this is happening in my home.

Remodel Day 3


That big concrete patch in the middle of the floor? That would be where our stairs used to be. So yeah, no stairs currently to spirit us away to our bedrooms at night. There is no furniture, no toys and only half a wall in my kitchen. There are also no walls in the upstairs hallway, so with that whole, incredibly dangerous thing in mind, suffice it to say we’re living a bit of a gypsy life right now, schlepping kids back and forth between my mother in law’s house (about 45 minutes away) and our out-of-town neighbor’s house around the corner.

With two little kids who rely upon consistency and routine to keep their world in order? Gah.

Ok actually, the kids may be doing a little better than I am. Not being at home and in a routine has made me a basket case.

Who knew that I needed routine too?

But seriously, I’m excited and nervous and freaking out and ready for it to be over… and it’s only been a week. But we are so blessed to be able to do this, to change our home completely, to be able to start fresh on so many things, like paint colors and islands and lighting and flooring and cabinets!!! Yeah, I’m stoked… but I’m so totally ready to stop living like a gypsy. 

Oh and bear with all of the Pinterest activity, I’m starting to realize how much I absolutely and completely LOVE IT for a redesign. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Have you ever done a remodel? With kids? How did you get through it? (Besides wine?)

Oh and are you following me on Pinterest? Because I’m finding some really kickass stuff on there to do to my house!

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      Mimi-I SWEAR to god it’s like, someone hold me, please. We are living in someone else’s house that is NOT babyproofed and the kids are going nuts. I can’t complain because it’s going to be so so so amazing and we totally decided to do this to ourselves… so yeah, it’s not really a pity party, but WHOA. I’m a little overwhelmed :-)

      Hooray for remodels!!

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    Whoa, that’s major! But I bet you’re going to love it when it’s done. Have you ever scoped out Houzz? It;s a great ap/website with gorgeous pictures of every room in the house. You should check it out! Good luck!

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      Oh Kathy – I’ve never heard of that before… I’m ALL over it. And thanks… it’s going to be such a short amount of time that I know I can handle it, but yikes… wine might be the only thing getting me through it. And the fact that it’s sunny and like 80 here this week. :-)

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    I didn’t realize you guys couldn’t get UPSTAIRS! Yes, I’d be losing my freaking mind too. When we renovated our kitchen a couple years ago, we lived upstairs.. all meals, leisure, everything! I was our own private hell. We spent a very long weekend at a local hotel and a week in Palm Desert during that 4-week process. The dust on EVERYTHING practically killed me. How much longer do you have??

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      I KNOW RIGHT? We don’t even HAVE a staircase. Or walls in some of the rooms. But at the end of the day I’ll get a walk in closet (not like yours but still)a bonus room for the kids, a kick ass new living room/dining room/first floor and I’ll be minus one obnoxiously large staircase. Wait till you see the before and after pics!!

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