Do You Have ALLERGY FACE®? I Do.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.
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I live in wine country, which does not suck.

I also live in an area that grows a million and one things, is very green and verdant during the spring and usually has some sort of wind event kicking up in the afternoon. Which means that I look like this on a daily basis…

The Face of an Allergy Sufferer

And this does suck. Very very much. Because while Rudolph is an adorable addition to our holiday movie repertoire, I do not want to look like him on a daily basis. Red nose is not cute. Neither are the watery, itchy, bloodshot, swollen eyes that I get from rubbing (which I’m always telling the Big Kid not to do). I am devastating my delicate eye area on a daily basis which is probably not going to help with my wrinkles down the road.

I’m dying out here you guys. DYING. I spend half my time itching and the other half scratching. I can’t even go OUTSIDE to play with my kids because I’m such a snotty, red faced, itchy mess.

I can’t win, so thank god for ZYRTEC®.

It starts working the first hour you take it and can last up to 24 hours. And because they feel bad for all of us people out there with ALLERGY FACE®, they have teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg to combat the red noses, puffy eyes and general un-attractiveness of seasonal allergies. Because that picture up there? Unattractive. (And I just noticed that there’s something in my teeth, so there’s that too. Way to kick me while I’m down.)

So what’s awesome about ZYRTEC® and their new beauty guide is that there are six easy looks that you can create. And since this chick is no makeup artist and has two very busy children, I’m not about to go wild and crazy on my makeup. But these are easy to do and make a HUGE difference on that puffy, yucky ALLERGY FACE®

So this is me, trying to figure out the best way to alleviate my red nose, scratchy swollen eyes and generally unattractive appearance…




This is what we like to call “Embracing the Horror”

Seriously, this booklet is the BEST, because while allergy alleviation is one thing, making sure you don’t look like total crap is another.

Not too bad, right?



Looking for some more tips to look as fabulous as I do? Check out the video for ideas on how to avoid at least looking like an allergy sufferer.

What’s your worst symptom of allergies? Red nose? Runny eyes? Constant sneezing? Let’s commiserate!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.


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    Zyrtec is my lifesaver… If I don’t take it in the spring and fall, sniffles turn into a sinus infection which takes me down for at least a week. Last year, my husband and I visited wine country and on day 3 at the exact same moment, we got the sniffles… Allergies. This year we will be prepared when we visit! Stuffy noses are awful while wine tasting!!

    Feel better :)

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