What to Wear to a Blogging Conference

Did you know that BlogHer is next week? GOOD GOD HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Between now and then there will be trips to the pool, Six Flags, camping, as well as packing/unpacking and repacking.

Oh boy.

And then there’s always that question about what to WEAR to a Blogging Conference?

wear_to_blogging_conferenceHaving been to a million and one conferences in my 5 years blogging, I’d gathered some pretty good intel on what to wear and have included the MOST important thing first…

1) Good lord people WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES.

There is a LOT to do at BlogHer. There are a million and one people to see and meet, and lunches to go to, parties and dinners and you may or may not get a chance to head back to your room to either nap or change. Even flats will make your feet bleed after a while (trust me) so you’ll want to find a pair of shoes that are comfy but still stylish. Because you know, style is still important.


2) Dump Your Frump

This is not the time to rock your Steve Jobs look. You want to make an amazing first impression on everyone you meet, be they brands or bloggers so put your best foot (or outfit) forward. No jeans and sneakers… seriously. I am particularly partial to statement pieces, only because a beautiful jacket/skirt/etc is going to help people remember who you are.

Oh, that girl with the SUPER cute orange jacket on?  She was awesome!

BlogHer Outfit #2

3) Transition is Key

The last and hardest thing to realize is that you need to havetransition pieces. You might be up for a breakfast meeting at 7:30am and closing down the party at 2:00am and you may or may not have a chance to go to your room during that time. Work on pieces that will transition you through the day… Maybe start with wedges, throw flats in your purse for the long haul and then put the wedges back on for the parties. I will DEFINITELY have a pair of flip flops in my bag. Even jewelry can transition you to a party look, so don’t be afraid to throw some bold earrings, or a statement necklace in your bag for later. It’s all about versatility!



No matter what your style is, dress to impress and bring bandaids for those bleeding feet. Because I know you’ll ignore the first part about the comfortable shoes.

And if anyone would love to BUY me some of these gorgeous pieces, I’m totally down. Being completely broke, I’m ransacking my closet in a desperate search for things to wear… at least now I have a substantial amount of things to go to GoodWill! 


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    But, but, but…what if your statement is all about being the one rocking jeans, chucks & a t-shirt?! WHAT IF THAT’S YOU, ASHLEY?!

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