So a Little About Me…

Come on in! Stay a while!

I started this blog what seems like AGES ago, for the delight and eyes of my family only. A way to document the planning of my wedding, then married bliss, then pregnancy and the birth of my first and then second kid. It seems like ages ago, but while most of the themes have stayed the same (family, crazy kids, my life. etc), MANY things have changed.

Two years ago, we moved from a big city to small town America, a shock to this LA/NY/SD event planner’s sensibilities. But instead of wallowing in what could have been the misery of change, I embraced it. Embraced a new, green lifestyle for my family. Embraced the agrarian nature that was apparently deep in my bones, bred into me by the farmers in my family tree. I decided to raise chickens. Grow my own vegetables. Compost my own… well compost.

A little bit June Cleaver, a little bit Martha Stewart, join me on my adventure as I make my very own Green Acres. Recipes, photos, and hilarious stories about life.

Welcome to the farm.

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I have two insane children, 1.5 years and almost 5 and I love to try things out for them, especially educational items, clothes, shoes, etc. With a huge following of moms with kids, I LOVE to tell them all about your amazing products! I’m a foodie and a photographer, a farmer and a workout fanatic… if anything that you have applies, I’m all EARS!

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