The GrownUp Holiday Gift Guide

It’s official, I’m tired of brainstorming what to get the kids for Christmas. After all, figuring out the latest Frozen merchandise is MUCH less exciting than buying fun and exciting things for my friends. Especially when those friends enjoy what I do… wine, food and pretty things. So this year let’s figure out fun things for our favorite hostesses, girlfriends, or drinking buddies.

For the Beer Guy :

Let’s face it, beer is an art and obsession these days. Living not only in wine country, but beer country, has opened my eyes to the MYRIAD of beers out there. And what better way to try them all than these amazing glasses from Spiegelau? And for the true IPA obsessed (like they are around here) check out the video on their renowned IPA glass! Beer Tasting kit

Spiegelau Tasting Kit for Craft Beer $49.95


And for the real MAN in your life, pair that beer tasting with KRAVE jerky. I know, I know… it sounds bizarre, but KRAVE’s gourmet jerky actually pairs beautifully with craft beers. Created in Sonoma County, right down the road from some of the best beer producers in the country this stuff is GOLD, JERRY.

Give it a whirl with your favorite brew.


KRAVE Jerky, Holiday Sampler $56.00


For the Wine Drinker :

There’s nothing like drinking a wine that’s been decanted, out of a beautiful glass. We actually decant everything in our house, from the cheapest to the most expensive red, simply because it opens it up so nicely.

Decanters are also beautiful. There are different styles, sizes and levels of functionality but this one from Menu has to be the best. It’s easy to use and you can not only decant INTO the vessel but back into the bottle as well, in case there is wine leftover that you want to store or transport. (I have no idea what that means as I’ve never seen it happen in our house, but it’s good to know I could? )

Menu Wine Rebreather

Menu Winebreather Carafe $49.95


And like I said, drinking out of a beautiful glass is so important. These pinot noir glasses from Nachtmann? Beautiful and their shape helps open up low-tannin and fruity wines like Barolo and Beaujolais or grape varieties like Pinot Noir, Grenache and Nebbiolo.

WineGlass - Vivendi

Nachtmann Vivendi Pinot Noir Glasses – Set of 4 $29.90

Your Favorite Bubbles Gal

Bubbles are technically wine, yes, but if you love champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine you know that BUBBLES are in a category of their own. Effervescent, celebratory and fun, bubbles can kick off a evening or make any special night one to remember ( or the day after one you might want to forget ). For your favorite hostess or bubbles loving girlfriend, these gorgeous and cheeky bottles from Chandon scream holidays.

Or Monday night. Whatever you’re into.

Chandon party wine

Chandon Limited Edition Blanc de Noirs Holiday, 2014 $24.00 from, but can also be found at your favorite wine retailers!


Now what if you don’t drink the whole bottle of bubbly? Again, not sure what that means, but if god forbid it happens use this awesome bottle stopper from CappaBunga! Specifically designed for sparkling wines, they have cute and saucy sayings and are easy to use… they even include instructions for the less technically minded.


CapaBubbles $15.95


The Good Food/Good Wine Gal

Because it’s usually both, right?

Olive and Poppy, the amazing Napa-based jewelry duo, have created a little piece of wine country to take home with you. Whether it’s the terroir, the people or the attitude, there’s something about wine country that stays with you when you leave, (or if you choose to stay here forever *grin*). To celebrate that, they have created a line of jewelry that speaks right to the soul of any wine lover.

Their CHEERS line is my absolute favorite, with a long elegant chain and gorgeous packaging, perfect for that girlfriend who enjoys good food, good wine and the good life.

Olive and Poppy CHEERS Necklace

Olive and Poppy – Cheers “Sweet Life” Necklace – $76.00


So it may not be sparkly but most everyone has an obsession with CHEESE. I could eat the stuff morning, noon and night and while in Europe, I did indeed have it for every meal. Cheese is the food of the gods, delicious and yet mysterious in how it comes into being.

Not anymore.

Cheese Kit

You can make your own CHEESE? Hooray! Don’t you think that your favorite lover of good food would LOVE this? Pair it with their favorite wine and you’ve got a fun and quirky present to give to your favorite foodie.

DIY Cheese Kit – UrbanCheeseCraft – $25.95 (Available online and at Williams-Sonoma)

Have fun buying presents for the grownups this year instead of the kids… it’s a LOT more fun!

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